December 9th, 2014

The Final Fantasy VII Debate

Ugg. I hate hardcore gamers.  Here's what's going on  now.

The most popular game in the history of games that have been on Playstations is Final Fantasy VII.  It's a perfect game. But, because Sony products are not backward compatable unless you have a super old Playstation there has been no way to play it since about 2000.

So, Sony has teamed up with Square Enix to release a PS4 compatible version of it.  And gamers are angry.


Because Square and Sony are going to leave the game exactly as-is without changing anything. And the gamers are going nuts claiming it's just a cash grab and who the fuck would want that?

Fuck you dudes. I want that.

Why would you ever want them to change a completely flawless game in any way, shape or form. And, if they did change it you'd be bitching about that.

Look, I miss playing Final Fantasy VII. I will buy the PS4 version the second it comes out. And I'll be happy nothing has changed. Not all of us still have the original Playstation kicking around our apartments.

Hell, I think Sony and Square should do more of this. Put out Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy X for PS4 - I'll happily buy them rather than the abomination that was the most recent Final Fantasy game.

And, please, don't change a second of them.