December 8th, 2014


So, after three weeks of swimming I was able to do 13 lengths - 650 meters - yesterday. My goal is to be able to do 20 lengths- a full kilometre by my birthday and I seem well on track for that.  Considering I could only do three lengths on my first day I consider that progress.

I either swim two days in a row and then take a day off or swim every other day depending on weather and my work schedule.

I'm not sure extra strength is what's letting me do more. It's other things:

Physical: Learning how to breathe correctly makes it much, much easier to do a length and I seem to have that down pat.

Mental: A length seems shorter once you know how to read the marks at the bottom of the pool. A quarter way there - that didn't take that long! Wait, now I'm halfway there - this isn't so bad! That also makes it easier to add a length, because you just think of it in terms of the quarter lengths.

One challenge is that I always find myself leaving about a length below what I think I can do. Simply because it's a mile and a half walk home and I'm terrified of using all my energy in the pool and passing out during the walk.

Now I just need to hope this causes me to lose weight. Not seeing results in that respect so far, but figure my body is just adjusting to shit.

The Comments Section Of Every IO9 Review Of A Movie Trailer

"Wow that looks cool! I've waited for a new (insert legendary sci-fi/fantasy character) movie for years. Yay!"

"Dude, this isn't really cannon. How the fuck did you not notice that (insert incredibly random minor thing) is totally different than in the last movie. Fucking poser!"

"Shit, why are the speical effects CGI? When they made the last movie 437 years ago they didn't use CGI!??? WTF?"

"Well, if you want to know, the changes make sense, if you remember two  movies back there was a line of dialogue that hinted at this change in cannon. This makes me so happy. They knew what they were doing 437 years ago. Maybe you should fucking pay attention to the movies you claim to love fuckface."

"I haven't seen any of the previous films. They made me fall asleep. This looks dumb."

"Well, shitbird, maybe if you didn't like the original movies you shouldn't have fucking wasted your time watching the trailer and then reading the fucking comments and making a comment yourself and just left this to people who fucking  like the movies. Why don't you jerk off to My Pretty Pony or something, fag."

"Dude, chill out. The original movies came out 437 years ago when her grandpa was a baby. Just because it was part of your grandpas's childhood doesn't mean it was part of her's."

"OMG! This looks awesome, can someone explain in extreme detail what the first 17 movies were about because I want to see this but don't feel like watching them on Netflix."



"Die in a fire."

"Yes (insert 69 paragraph comment going frame by frame through the original 17 movies.)"

"Dude, you forgot about the super important half second flashback in the 9th movie - what kind of fan are you!! Why don't you get off of this site and go back to playing with blocks with the other five year olds!"

"Fuck you, I was talking about the director's cuts, which cut that scene out which you'd be aware of you weren't a total douche."

"You really should have put a spoiler alert on the comment explaining the first 17 movies because I wanted to see them and was compelled by a magical vortex to read your comment in detail and you've now ruined my life."

"Has anyone else realzied that this trailer makes it clear that this whole franchise was inspired by  (insert name of obscure Japanese soap opera never aired in the Western World)?"

"Dude, all movies are inspired by Japanese movies."