December 5th, 2014

Sarah Conner Broodmare

Just watched the trailer for the new Terminator film. And, it made me feel really weird for Sarah Connor.

In this one it seems that a Terminator goes back to when she is like five years old and starts protecting her/letting her know about the future.  Think about that for a minute. From age five or six she knows:

1. That the world is going to end up in a war that nearly kills everyone.

2. That whether or not she likes/wants kids she has to get pregnant in 1984 or all humanity will die. Not before 1984, not after 1984, but to have John Connor be the right age and able to fight she's got to get knocked up then. And she has to not get knocked up by anyone before then and she has to wait for a guy from the future who she may or may not be into to turn up and do the deed.

How fucking weird would that make your childhood. Add into that you are being raised by this weird old machine. Isn't that the path to madness?

Wouldn't you at that point think "fuck the entire meaning of my life is to get pregnant?"

No wonder she is set up to become some kind of warrior maniac.

Also it makes me wonder why the machines don't come up with a really simple strategy to win. Turn up and say to her "hey, if you stay on birth control from 1984 through Judgement Day, we'll make you the high queen of all the remaining humans. They may suffer but we'll make life for you awesome!"

A woman completely fucked up by her weird upbringing might consider being a queen a better option than being a broodmare.


The Last Of Us is the first video game I've ever played that has featured a 12 year old girl looking at a gay porn magazine and asking "why are the pages sticky?"