November 30th, 2014

Mockingjay Part One

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.  Another good addition to the franchise. I do think they should have made District 13 creepier and President Coin much creepier (after all she's named that becasue she is the other side of the coin of President Snow.)

Still, the action scenes are wonderful. Jennifer Lawrence still manages that perfect mix between a young girl who is unsure of herself and bad ass warrior. Donald Sutherland is a master and it's nice to PSH again on screen.

Effie steals the show with her transformation - and I love how she becomes more and more fabulous looking as she finds more and more inventive ways to use the grey clothing of District 13.

I did think they chose an odd ending point. I think I would have picked the one about 10 pages later in the book. Or, I would have been happy with this end point if Coin's speach had been more fucked up and evil.

I am glad that they split this into two films. For once I don't think it's just a money grab. They would have had to cut too much out to make the final book into a two and a half hour format. I do think making us wait a year for the next move is cray cray - it's already shot and edited, why not give it to us at Easter? Instead you are going to release it the same timea as Star Wars? Good luck with that.

Annie (2014) Movie Review - I Have Dust In My Eye

I just watched this movie with an orginal Annie orphan and it has her stamp of approval. And it has mine, too. If this wins Best Picture it will be the first film in a decade to get the Oscar that I will have nothing against.

Holy Mother of God is this good. Quvenzhané Wallis sells this film. I'm not usually into movie musicals, but I would watch this film again right now.

"I have never seen a kid carry a movie like that," my viewing companion just said. And, yep, I have no argument with that.

At no point does this movie fuck up. It updates the story and the songs, but in a good way. "No one cares for a you a smidge / when you are a foster kid" is a reasonable new lyric.

Jamie Foxx is actually understated for once, and it works for him.  I even liked Cameron Diaz - and I usually think she sucks.

The cynic in me thinks they leaked this intentionally knowing it is going to get great buzz. I can't imagine a human being not liking this film.

If you have a chance to download and see this tomorrow, do so - come what may.

P.S. We did watch it a second time - and it was even better. There were a bunch of Annie easter eggs we didn't notice the first time around.