November 26th, 2014

Revival By Stephen King

I have no idea what to make of this book. It starts off interesting with typical King nostaglia about the late 50s/early 60s, then meanders into weird psedo-science and then has the most digusting ending of any King book ever.

The basic premise is that there is "secret magic electricity" that can heal people. As you might expect if you've ever read any horror book ever, that healing comes with a price.

There are tons of hints in the book about where all of this is going, but they require a decent knowlege of rock and roll to figure out. For example, when a man named Charles Daniels comes to Georgia he's probably not a good man. Knowing who Mavis Staples is would help a good deal in getting what's going on as well. References to Johnny Rotten, the Dead Milkmen and Springsteen also abound. Perhaps most important would be to know the Crossroads Legend.

As it is the entire book ends up as combination of The Monkey's Paw, Frankenstein and Lovecraft. (In fact if you don't know the Lovecraft Elder God stories I'm not sure how you'd even begin to understand the ending.)

For King fans, the book is not bad, but it's not great either, and the ending is so nightmarish as to border on fear porn.

Thoughts On The Jurassic World Trailer

1. The entire point of the first movie was that a dino theme park was a bad idea - yet they still open one?

2.  Speaking of bad ideas - creating a brand new hybrid carnivore actually seemed like a good idea? Who is running this park? Who is insuring it?

3. Chris Pratt is somehow able to train his own raptor army? Yeah, I get that they are pack animals, but that still seems a bit much.

4. Those clear spheres look like the dumbest way to travel around a theme park ever.

5. Why does Spielberg need to put little kids in everything?

6. Poor great white shark. Let's have extinct animals eat endangered animals!

7. Wouldn't the park be just as fun and much less dangerous if you only had plant eating dinosaurs?

8. Wow, the CGI dinos look worse than the old school dinos.

9. Spielberg won't put guns in his movies anymore, so I guess it's up to the raptor army to deal with the hybrdi dino carnivore. Is that really a better message to children?

10. When will Spielberg finally retire?