November 17th, 2014


Yes, if you have less than 5 posts on your blog and come to my blog and leave a comment that simply says "Please, shut up" with no context and no previous history of making constructive comments I will tell you to fuck off and die in as creative a way as possible.

And if you act offended and accuse me of treating you like a troll - that's because having less than five blog entries and going to someone's blog to make a rude comment that does not relate to the post  iteslf means you are a troll.


Took Rome Girl to see Interstellar.

Then, found out she'd never seen Showgirls - so we watched that. She called it the "Superbowl Of Bad Movies."

Then, I put on Gone Girl.  She was entranced by it. But at that point I think I could have put on Plan Nine From Outer Space and it would have seemed like a brilliant piece of cinema.