November 16th, 2014


Anyone who talked shit about Prometheus and praises this film can fuck off and die. It has many, many more logical flaws, a worse script and doesn't even give us a fucking Xenomorph at the end.

Nothing in this film makes any sense at all.

Here is an accurate spoiler-free description of the plot - Rust Cole discovers that time is a flat circle.


At least a dozen times I had to hold myself back from laughing out loud in the theater. At one moment near the end I actually did, because I could not longer restrain myself. Rome Girl had a different reaction - she said it made her incredibly angry.

The film is an insult to the audidence. It is an insult to the actors involved. It is an insult to itself. You think The Dark Knight Rises has plot holes in it - they are nothing compared to this. You think the crew of the Prometheus was dumb - they were geniuses compared to this crew - who make the wrong decisions every chance they get.

If you have three hours to kill and this film interests you I have a suggestion - download both Insidious movies and watch them back to back. I shit you not - they have the same premise but actually make it work, because they applied a basic level of internal logic to the films.