November 12th, 2014


Rome Girl  got to the airport late this morning because someone on the train there had a heart attack and died.

Even though she still was at the airport 20 minutes before her flight they wouldn't let her on and instead made her pay 460 euros for a new flight that will get in super late tonight and she's stuck at the airport for the next eight hours until that flight leaves.

Oops! Ack!

The Bill Cosby Meme Issue

By now you probably know about the Bill Cosby meme incident.

If it's new to you here's the deal. He put up a meme generator on his site and asked his fans to create memes with his pictures. They did - but nearly all of them pointed out that he was accused many, many times 20 or 30 years ago with sexual assault.

B2HasaRCIAAkmmI.jpg large

Now, my first thought is "Good. Rapists should be publicly shamed."

But then I got to thinking about it more. And, you know what, in the 70s and 80s famous white people were doing shit like this all the time.  It's really well known, they don't deny it and they've never been called out on it. Is it cynical of me to  think "Hey, wait, it's the black guy that gets this done to him."

Just think about some people who don't have rape memes about them.

Led Zep -  Tied a seriously drurnk underage girl to a bed and then fucked her with live fish while cheering each other on.

Mick Jager - Bragged about fuckign underage drunk/stoned/unconsious chicks and has settled paternity suits with at least one of them.

Phil Spector - Locked his wife in their home and raped her at gun point repeadedly over the course of years.

Pete Townsend - Child porn fan.

Chuck Berry - Driving a 14 year old girl at gun point across state lines to fuck her.

Motely Crew - Every member except Mick Mars has bragged about routine incidents of statutory rape - usually with super drunk/high  girls.

Billy Wyman - Bragged about fucking a 13 year old girl.

Steve Tyler - Admits fucking a girl he adopted.

Rick James - Tied a woman to a chair, burned her with a crack pipe and then forced her to eat out another woman.

So, yeah, Bill Cosby is a scumbag - but why the fuck is he the one singled out? I guess if you can play guitar or sing really well on stage it's totes fine if you rape someone, but if you are a black comedian then all bets are off.