November 6th, 2014

Post Your AC/DC Drummer Jokes Here

Ok, so by now you probably know that AC/DC/'s drummer has been charged with hiring a hit man.

Given the bands long history of aggresively naming their songs I'm sure you all have jokes about this.  Did he want it done dirt cheap? Did he want to use cynanide, TNT or high voltage.  Were you thundersruck by the news. Was he living on the razor's edge? Is he on a highway to hell. Maybe he was having trouble with the high school head?

Let em rip - let's see who can come up with the most clever ones.

A Look At The Current Presidential Contenders

The International Edition Of The New York Times printed a list of the current presidential contenders yesterday. Let's take a brief look at each one of them.

Hillary Clinton - She's going to run because it goes against her nature not to. And with Bill Clinton campaigning beside her she has a really decent shot at the ticket. She's managed to distance herself from Obama fairly well and could win the Presidency if the GOP does what I think they will do and implode during the primaries again.

Martin O'Malley - His best bet is if HIllary gets health problems and can't run. He'd had to move to the center though. Most of America just isn't as liberal as he is.

Benie Sanders - I'm not even sure why he's on the list. His only possible role is to be the Ralph Nadar of this race and fuck things up for the Democrats.

Jeb Bush - The Hillary of the GOP. The problem for him is that while Hill has Bill to campaign with her, he's stuck with W. - not exactly the former president you want on your side. Also all those wife swapping rumors will from the 80s will pop up again. But, he's popular with Cuban-Americans which would give him a good shot at Florida electoral votes. He's also one of the few GOP people not completely hated by Hispanics in general.

Ted Cruz - Will only get the crazy vote in the primaries. Also some people will think he's  hispanic which will kill him with those primary voters.

Marco Rubio - He's too smart to run this time. He'll run for re-election to the Senate and hope for a VP position on the ticket.

Rand Paul - Will do about as well as his dad has done at running for president.

Chris Christie - Scandals, if not prison time, will fuck up his chances.

Scott Walker - Doomed. He'll have every union member in America voting against him and has the likability of a queen xenomorph.

Bobby Jindal - If Jeb doesn't run, he probably picks up the nomination. He knows how to talk to Tea Party people and is liked by mainstream republicans. Would have a decent shot at defeating Hillary.

Mike Huckabee - Will run in the primaries just long enough for Fox News to give him a raise.

Rick Perry - Not only crazy but so many, many rent boys would come out of the woodwork if he got the nomination. I'm not sure even why you'd want to run for president when your in the closet status is up there with Tom Cruise.