November 2nd, 2014

Warning To All Republicans

If you vote on Tuesday Obama will use UN helicopters to round you up and put you in re-education camps and teach your children to be gay scientists. The only way to protect yourself and your family is not to vote.

I know you want to be part of the democratic process - but ask yourself "is it really worth it?"

Refuse to vote and you can keep your guns and your children won't marry someone of the same sex. Go to the polls and you'll lose your home, your guns and your freedom. Your sons will take ballet classes. Your daughters will play softball. Muslim prison guards from Kenya will chant verses from the Koran at you 10 hours a day while you stand in the camps - where you will not be allowed any bacon at all.

Make the right choice Tuesday! Save yourself. Save your family. Save your freedom. Don't vote -it's not worth the price you will have to pay.

Joan Jett Wants You!

From: Joan Jett via <>
To: xxxxx
Sent: Sunday, November 2, 2014 12:17 PM
Subject: My full, uncensored fury

Watch Joan Jett & friends get out the vote. When women vote, women win!
Holy smokes. The right-wing is medieval. It just cannot be in charge. Come on. This election is ours to win, if we do the work. Will you make get-out-the-vote calls today?

Dear MoveOn member,
If this weren't an email, I'd lay out my full—uncensored—fury at Republicans and right-wing forces that hold women down, keep us subservient.
But it is an email, so I'll say my piece as politely as I can: This election is ours to win, if we do the work.
As I see it, politicians make laws that put women's bodies and our paychecks into their hands.
But we're not just a voting group to be courted by ad execs. Women, and the men who stand with us, are the majority.
And when we show up and vote, women win.
Come on. Right now. If you want to prevent a Republican takeover of the U.S. Senate, sign up with MoveOn right now.
Will you help get out the pro-women vote on November 4?
Let me give you three good reasons to be outraged:

  • From 2011 to 2013, there were more laws passed to limit women's reproductive rights than in the previous decade.1

  • Senate Democrats have brought the Paycheck Fairness Act to the Senate floor four times since 2011, and every single damn time the act has come up for a vote, Republicans have blocked it.2

  • And, if you're not swinging from a light fixture yet, I'm here to tell you that there are Senate candidates who could win who are against access to birth control, paid family sick leave, and the Violence Against Women Act—and they don't take seriously the issues of rape and domestic abuse.

Holy smokes. They're medieval. They just cannot be in charge. In a second, they'll be dragging out the stocks.
We should be on the streets, pounding on GOP doors, demanding the equality and dignity that are due to us.
And I'm with you, raising my voice with yours.
But right now, our fight is at the ballot box, and our common work is voter turnout.
MoveOn's got voter turnout all figured it out. When you sign up, you'll call progressive voters whom they've identified as unlikely to vote unless they have a call from you. Yes, you.
Midterm turnout is historically low. But MoveOn members are changing that with millions of person-to-person calls. Your actions right now will help decide who controls the Senate.
There are roughly 80 hours between now and when the polls close on Election Day. I need you to give three of those hours to MoveOn. I'll be so grateful when you do.
Because if you care about women's rights to control our own bodies and our own paychecks, then you've just got to care about this midterm election.
Please. Sign up now. Don't sit this one out.
And when you sign up, click this link and dance around your room to a video I made with friends. Because you're fighting back. And you're totally awesome.
Better yet, get everyone you know to call with MoveOn and dance together.
And think of me dancing with you.
Thanks for all you do.
–Joan Jett*
P.S. As you might know, I relish my "bad reputation" as an outspoken woman artist. If I had a bat large enough, I'd bust us right through the glass ceiling that sits on women's heads. In making the video I hope you watch, I realized that I have something better and more powerful than a giant bat: I'm a woman, and I have a vote to cast. Join me today in reaching more of our sisters.