October 26th, 2014

America Is A Socialist Country

The other day in response to one of my blog posts someone called me a "socialist." And, when I read political commentary from the right they often say they are worried that "America will become a socialist country." Guess what - it already is one. It's simply that the people who run the country are so bad at doing socialism people don't notice.

1. Do you live in a town with a police force? Do you pay taxes to pay the salaries of the cops? That's socialism!

2.  If people come to your home when it is on fire do they give you a bill when the fire is out? If not, that's socialism!

3. When you retire will you cash your Social Security checks. If so, you are a socialist!

4. Do you drive your cars on roads in your town that are paid for by the local, state, county or federal government? You do! You are as red as an Macintosh apple!

5. Does your local school district charge people money for their children to go there? If not, that is socialism right under your nose!

6. Do you think the government should be able to take measures to limit the chances of Ebola spreading? They'd be using tax dollars to do so - which makes it socialism!

7. Will you take advantage of medicare when you are older? You will? See you at party headquarters,comrade!