October 22nd, 2014

Things The Entire World Understands - Except America

1. Public transportation can be nice.

2.. Gasoline has been more than five dollars a gallon for years.

3. Measurments based on units of 10 make more sense than ones based on random intervals.

4. It should be very difficult to kick someone out of a home or apartment.

5. Providing free medical care is the moral obligation of the government - and saves tax dollars in the long run.

6. Putting 18 years olds into lifetime debt simply to get an education is a bad idea.

7.  Unless you practice at a range several times a week a hand gun will never actually protect you.

8. Working more hours does not generaly make you more effective at work.

9. Giving people enough money to live on tends to lower crime and make cities safer.

10. Wealth is very rarely the result of brains or hard work.


Rome Girl: Didn't we see this in a movie once?
two nights ago a cop came to my parents' door at 1:30am in response to
a silent 911 call from the landline. they don't have a landline.

last night a storm came through, and lightning knocked out ONLY their
elec and burned out both TVs in the house.

i told her to move now.

Me: namydnac, namydnac, namydnac, namydnac, namydnac

Rome Girl: Noooo!!!