October 21st, 2014

Conquest - Book 2 Of The Triumvirate Chonicles By Alexander Dundass

Almost nothing makes me happier than when a loyal reader sends me a book. So, last week I was really happen when a reader who remembered I liked Desperation, the first book of the Triumvirate Chronicles sne me the sequel - Conquest.

I'm impressed by this one. Like most sci fi and fantasy series the first book was largely world building with a bunch of action thrown in to keep the story going. Now that we are on book two it's almost all action with the plot moving forward at a brisk pace.

The basic plot of this series is that it takes place several hundreds of thousands of years in the future. At some point in the past humans used nano technology to build human looking robots who can in theory live forever. That was so long ago, however, that humanity isn't convinced they ever actually accomplished it and these "Immortals" are viewed as a myth.

Of course, they are out there, some of them good and some of them evil. The evil  ones have returned from a distant galaxy to invade a peaceful democratic galaxy. Both sides have Immortals secretly working as generals for their armies. The leader of the good guys is named Savage and he is bad ass as all hell.

Meanwhile unknown to either side a new enemy is rising. An insane Immortal long thought dead who has reason to kill all of the immortals.

Along the way we get great space battles, some decent dialogue and sub plots that turn it into a page turned. All in all a fun read.

Why America Should Adopt High Speed Rail

1. It's a lot more comfortable than riding in a plane. Being able to walk around makes a huge difference.

2. Instead of getting dropped off in an airport 30 minutes out of town and having to spend a fortune for a taxi, you are dropped off in the center of town.

3.  The bar car always leads to interesting conversations.

4. Many more bathrooms - and they are larger bathrooms. (And much easier to have sex in.)

5. Given how early you have to get to an airport and all the other associated time sucks, high speed rail   often gets  you where you are going as quickly as a plane.

6. You are not in a small tube a mile over the earth so your odds of getting stuck with Ben Linus on the island are low.

7.  No checked luggage fees. In fact, you don't have to check your luggage at all.

8.  You can bring all you shit on the train with you - including, you know, decent food.

9. No TSA screening.

10. It generate less carbon.

11. Building it would create a ton of jobs.

12. In every country that has ever built them people overwhelmingly prefer them to flying.