October 17th, 2014

The Difference Between Child Porn And Fan Fiction

Since the whole incident of John Grisham defending his friend for downloading child pornography there have been comments on Jezebel (and one comment on my blog) saying it's hypocritcal for people who are against child porn to be into fan fiction.  The argument boiling down to "Well people who download child porn and people who are into fan fiction are both getting off on underage people having sex. It's the same issue."

Bullshit. It's completely different.

1. Child porn involves real children. These children are forced into sexual acts at a young age and are actually harmed. When you jerk off to pictures of children in sexual situations you are ensuring that children will be raped - even if you are not doing the raping yourself.

2. Fan fiction involves imaginary people. Just because you are jerking off or jilling off to Draco fucking Harry up the ass doesn't mean anyone is getting hurt. Nobody is going to suddenly use god like powers to turn Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter into human beings and have them fuck on camera for your amusement.

3.  People who download child pornography are generally men. And they very often have histories of other sexual related crimes. Plus they are likely to escalate and move on from pictures to actual children.

4. People who are into fan fiction are primarialy women and very rarely have any history of sex crimes. Even rarer still are incidents of them trying to rape children.

5. Child porn is based in reality. Fan fiction is based in fantasy. There is a huge difference.