October 15th, 2014


Had a dream last night where my dad asked me to explain Slayer and I told him "It is an aural realization of Rimbaud."

No idea where that came from.

The Makeup Backlash

I don't know if everyone has noticed but on Facebook, Tumblr and the usual suspects there has been an anti-makeup backlash by the MRA type folk lately.

The men are responding to women who claim that if a dude lies to get sex then that is a form of rape. The guys have said variants of  "Wait, isn't wearing makeup lying about what you look like? Isn't that a lie? Aren't all of you rapists?"

The thing is that both sides are wrong (though the men are wronger.) Pretty much everyone lies to some degree to get sex.  Just ask anyone in a relationship if the person they are with today is exactly like the person they thought they were the first time they had sex with them.

We all try to impress people we have the hots for. That may involve wearing nicer clothes than we usually wear. It may involve acting much more confident than we actually are. It may involve pretending to like sushi when you hate it. Hell, Rome Girl pretended to be a Metallica fan when she first contacted me on Nerve Personals.

The lies can be benign - "Yes, I love your cooking" or they can be shitty - "I'm not married" - but they don't turn something into rape. At most it makes the person an asshole.

On the other hand, the MRAs should shut the fuck up about makeup. Because, honestly, the expectation of wearing makeup is part of the patriarchal system that young women today are trying to get rid of.

Believe it or not, dudes, many of them would rather not have to spend 20 minutes putting paint on their face in front of a mirror before going to work. And, even more shocking, they probably aren't putting on makeup because of you. They are doing it for their own personal reasons - and tricking you into getting a boner is probably very low on their list of reasons (Unless your name is Idris Elba.)

Sugar Baby Questions

I'm going to be doing a bunch of articles for a Sugar Baby website and am trying to do some basic research.

1. As a woman what would make you want to try a sugar baby site? What would make you want to run from it like Ebola?

2. As a dude what would make you want to try a sugar baby site. What would make you want to run from it like a Hall & Oates concert?

3. Are you a Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy? Would you be wiiling to let me interview you? I would not use your name on the site and you can contact me annoymously at bcalendar@aim.com.