October 14th, 2014


1. I am now convinced this is all a dream of a starving autistic boy who has gone crazy after being locked under the staircase by his foster family.  That is the only logical explanation for the ways things unfold on this show.

2. So, now they are going to have two crazy people running Pakistani black ops. Great.

3.  If you are trying to convince the head of CIA black ops not to kill you because you can be trusted, putting him in a chokehold is probably a bad idea.

4. Do they really want us to believe that they couldn't figure out where the former chief of station was going all the time just by checking his cell phone GPS?

5. Carrie being sexually inappropriate with someone sexually inappropriate. How surprising.


Usually I'm on the side of the anti-conspiracy theory people. But when it comes to Ebola I think maybe the people who are freaking out may be in the right and the people who are saying " you are all crazy" might be in the wrong.

If you read all the news reports they cleary have no fucking clue how that nurse caught it - which means they can't be totally sure that it's not hella more contagious then they think it is. Also if if is super contagious they probably wouldn't tell anyone, because who wants a mass evacuation of Dallas (which could spread the disease farther.)

We have no idea at all how the virus will react in a modern urban setting, since, let's be honest, before now doctors have only seen it in third world countries.

I do hope people are overreacting, but I can see why they are scared.