October 11th, 2014

Mr. Information - Stripped Down

My dominant has ordered me to learn about blow jobs and stripteases/undressing. Specifically, how to do them in a seductive way. I've come to the conclusion that this is one of the few cases where porn might be useful to me, but have no idea where to even start looking or what kind of keywords to use (besides the obvious, I mean), since the last time I tried watching porn was about a decade ago. Any suggestions??


I wouldn't go the porn route. Porn isn't going to show you either act in a a seductive way.

Instead, for striptease ,YouTube is your friend. There are bunch of good tutorials there. I don't want to pick out a particular one for you, because I don't know your tastes, but if you watch a couple you'll get a good idea of what you are comfortable with and what might turn him on.


For blow jobs, I've written a bunch of guides all of which boil down to this:

1. Don't go straight for the cock. Kiss his belly, his thighs, his legs his balls, etc.. for a while before you get near his cock.

2. Then start slowly. Just tease the head a bit.

3. Then slowly go up and down the shaft just with your tongue.

4. Back to just the head again and then slowly move the rest of it (or as much as is reasonable) into your mouth.

5. When he starts getting worked up focus your mouth on the head and use your hands on the shaft. Take the shaft back in your mouth when it stops being slippery.

 6. Look up at him every little while with puppy dog eyes.


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Burning Down The House

"I had the best dream ever," I said to my shrink. "I dreamed that it was exam day and I hadn't studied, but each time I went into the exam room I knew all the answers anyway."

"What was the first thing you thought about when you woke up from that dream," my shrink asked.

"How much I loved the Atwood short story I read before going to bed," I replied.

"What was the story about," she responded.

"The Millenial generation getting tired of Baby Boomers and, at first, randomly killing them, then starving them to death, then finally burning them alive while playing techno music," I replied. "The old people go to Generation X for help and my generation tells them to fuck off."

"That's reasonable then," she said. "You read the short story you've been wanting to read for your entire life. Your brain just rewarded you."