October 6th, 2014

Oh Mighty ISIS!

Somewhere in America are two churches right next to each other

Both of them have people turn up every Sunday to worship Jesus.

At the one church people drink a drop of wine and confess their sins to a priest. A lot of singing happens.

At the other church they consider wine  a sin and confession doesn't happen. But  the preacher (who would never call himself a "priest") handles poisoness snakes.

 Now, nobody in America would claim that both churches practice the same religion. Because, you know, they don't.  Simply having the same name for your god doesn't make you believe the  same things.

Why do I bring this up?

It's simple. Because every day the news tells us about ISIS and how they are Muslim and how they want to spread Islam  through the world.

The truth is they are  not Muslims and they don't want to spread the ideas of Islam . They are as close to being Muslim as Pentacostal snake handlers are to being Catholic. They have their own religion. The only thing it has to do with Islam is the name of their god.

I find it weird that people in America don't get this. We have hundreds of different religions  - each of which claims to be the true path to Jesus.

Why don't people get that it's exactly the same way in the Middle East - just under a different name?

Think Of The Children

Someone on Gawker made this response to my love of Kali Barbie.

"I know a couple of young goddesses, and you can't imagine how much damage these toys do. They frequently ask, "is my skin blue enough?" And "how come I only have four arms?" I try to remind them that Durga only had two arms until puberty, and Shiva thought his third eye was "ugly" when he was their age. "Stop comparing yourself to human representations of the godhead," I tell them, "just trust in your own divinity and everything we be alright." I might as well be talking to a Bo tree."

This is the best response possible to Kali Barbie!