September 29th, 2014

Serious Suggestion: instead of chasing Ello, why not push LJ?

Originally posted by fengi at Serious Suggestion: instead of chasing Ello, why not push LJ?
I'm going to go all product cheerleader for a moment:

Instead of joining the stampede to half-baked ello, let's encourage people to join the Livejournal. It's far from perfect, but it's more viable than most other options.

It has the features ello testers and disgruntled Facebook users want now. After 15 years of experience, it has slowly learned from drama and errors. It survived the original dot bust and seems ready for the next one.

The free-to-paid membership model has provided ad-free, adult-friendly options for a decade plus, something earnest manifestos usually don't (see tumblr's broken promise).

So why deal with more inflated startup promises and fumbling. Say goodbye to Facebook and hello to Livejournal --- a customizable global social network that doesn't require real names and provides an easy, logical way to avoid ads.

As a longtime user and occasionally harsh critic, I think LJ is flawed but less adversarial and predatory towards users than Facebook, Google and others. Yes, it has an "old meme" image and past service dramas, but in the long term it's proved to be a solid product.

It's a viable alternative to Facebook which is ready to serve users immediately.
*Recently when an error appeared to override my preferred friends display, a complaint ticket received a polite response and a fix in less than 24 hours - from what appeared to be an actual human. Even in the worst days of LJ, my tickets were handled in a relatively coherent and timely fashioned compared with the inscrutable silence of bigger networks.

Edge Of Tomorrow

I don't know why this movie did so poorly.  I generally think Tom Cruise movies suck, but this one was good because it changed the formula. Instead of him trying to play a super cool guy, he plays a complete and total asshole loser. And, that works. Everyone hates his character and they should, because his character is a dick.

Of course, by the end of the movie he's not a dick, but that's fine. The entire point of the film is that if given infinate time and motivation you can learn not to be a dick.

This plot has been done before. - most notably in "Groundhog Day", which this film is a variant of - but it still works. It's harsher and more interesting than "Groundhog Day" as well. Instead of waking up every day in a nice New England town, he has to wake up every day in the middle of a fucking war zone. Tha'ts pretty fucking intense.