September 27th, 2014

Cocksucker Blues

Poll #1983500 Cocksucker Blues

When I'm Sucking Cock I Prefer

The cock to be soft at first so I can feel it getting hard.
The cock to be hard at first. I want to know it wants me.
I don't suck cock.

When I'm Getting My Cock Sucked I Prefer

To be soft at first and made hard.
To be hard already.
I don't have a cock.

Smartphone Advice

Thanks to the generosity of a loyal reader I  now have my first smart phone.

It's a Samsung Galaxy.

Anyone have advice about it?

Assume I'm at a point where all I've figured out how to do is call Rome Girl and Hedgehog.

Friending Frenzy

Since this blog is more popular this week than usual, I figure I might as well do a friending frenzy - because everyone needs more friends!

Here's what to do - post a response to the following questions so that people know if they'll want to friend you. Then, make friends.

1. What do you blog about most?

2. What makes your blog  unique?

3. Do you have adult content in your blog?

4. What is the most scandalous thing about you?