September 25th, 2014

Windows 8 Recreate

So, when my computer started doing nothing yesterday I brought it to the shop and they said they had to  uninstall Windows 8 and install a new version of Windows 8. I'm pretty sure what they installed isn't really Windows 8 - but something somebody created in the Balkans or China to appear to be Windows 8. I base this on several reasons:

1. It's the sketchiest shop in the world where everything in it looks stolen and is staffed by Bulgarians covered in prison tatttoos.

2. The icons don't look exactly like Windows 8 icons. It's close but there is something off about them.

3. The OS works  much, much better and faster than my real version of Windows 8 did.

4. Internet Explorer is not installed (not that I'd ever use it) but I'm pretty sure you can't have Windows 8 without that being installed.

That said, I really don't care if this is some weird program, because it does the job. Also I like thinking that somewhere in Bulgaria there is a dude who was able to create an OS that works as well or better than what Microsoft put together with a team of overpaid fuckfaces.