September 13th, 2014

To The Liberals Bitching At Obama

Look, motherfuckers, every two term president since we became idiots and created the two term system after The Second World War has gotten shit at the end of his term. And, at the same time, every two term president - of either party - has acomplished really good shit.

Nixon: Fucking opened up trade to China. Do you not realize how big a deal that was? Not only did it take away one country that wanted to nuke us it made all the toys we played with as children super cheap.

Regan: In general a total douche, but he ended the Cold War. I grew up assuming I wouldn't live until 30 because I'd get nuked.   I now no longer worry about that.

Clinton: Created "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."  Yes I know you now think that is awful but it was a major step at the time. Back then you could get  dishorable discharge and/or go to military prison for being gay. That stopped that. He wanted to do more but that was all he could do at the time. Plus, eight years of no real wars.

Bush: I hate to give him credit but the truth is that the financial crisis happened right before he was about to leave office and he saved the fucking global banking system. While he was a dick during most of his presidency the fact that you can afford to eat something other than rice is because of him.

Obama: Shit, yes, we need a single payer health care system - but like Clinton - Obama couldn't get everything he wanted, so he settled for what he could get, which will lead to a single payer health care system down the lin in the same way that Clinton's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" led to full military service for gays and lesbians.