September 10th, 2014

Giving Poly A Bad Name

A friend of my recently started her first poly relationship.  Several weeks into it she found out he was messing around with her sister.

She asked him to not do that again.

"Why  not," he asked. "We agreed we could be with other people."

He was honestly baffeled as to why this crossed a line for her and told her she was doing poly wrong.

No, she wasn't. He was.

And, as he deserved, was promptly kicked to the curb.

All of this is a way of saying that just because you are poly does not mean you can ignore or scoff at reasonable limits your partner may have.

That is all.


Rome Girl: I want to dye my hair pink. or i may go with an ombre look - purple to pink. thoughts?

Me: The thing is you are more punk than I am so why not go for it?

Rome Girl: I am so not punk.

Me: You  spent your childhood on tour, dated an ex convict for seven  years and have dated an illegal alient expat for ten years whle helping him break the law. Yep. you are not punk at all.

Rome Girl: well, when you put it like that.... LOL

Feeling Like Pink

I feel like each 9/11 memorial/observance/whatever makes it that much easier for the next war to start, the next solider to die, the next child to live  without a father or mother and the next excuse for peace not to happen.

Does anybody else around here feel the way I do?