September 1st, 2014


Friend In Other Country: You hungover?
Me: Yes. How did you know?
Friend In Other Country: Facebook made it obvious.

What Would President Snow Say?

Poll #1980542 Miss Everdeen

The Jennifer Lawrence Nude Pics That Leaked

Something I'll Never Look At Because It's An Invasion Of Privacy
WTF? Please Send Me The Link!
They Are Awesome!
I Hate Nude Pictures
WhatThe Hell Is That Weird Spider Lingerie Thing?
Something I Will Talk About In Comments


Also, fuck it, just to save time here is the link if you are interested in Hunger Games ass.

Social Experiment

Rome Girl asked me to deal with all our change jars while she is gone. They bother her.

No worries. Between the 10, 20, 50 and one euro pieces I got more than 30 euros I could spend.

That said,  no cafe, tabac, restaurant or grocery store woluld take the 1 or 5 cent pieces.

They are now stuck in a jelly jar. There is probably about 15 bucks worth of change in these pieces

What I wonder is if  I get told to fuck off with them because I'm obviously middle class.

So, what I'm going to do is stick the  jar full of coins on the street with a sign reading "free!" and see if people bother with them or if even street people are like "fuck that - we can't spend it!"