August 26th, 2014

People Are Dumb

General Advice:

1. If your room mate is lesbian and you have friends over and your friends start talking shit about gay people in front of them, tell your friends to shut the fuck up.

2. Thinking that "Oh, we really mean gay men, so this conversation can't possibly be offensive to a lesbian" is complete bullshit.

3. Should you encounter this situation more than once maybe you need new friends.

The Meaning Of "Outed"

In a recent NSFW interview Belle Knox - the college woman who got doxed as a porn star - says that she feels really bad that when talking to the press she used the terms "outed" and "outing" to describe her experience.

Her reasoning being that the terms were offensive to other people in the adult industry and also appropriate language from the gay and lesbian communities.

Here's how she put it:

"I would always say in my interviews that I was outed, and I think that offended a lot of people in the industry," Knox mused. "And it really took me a lot of reflecting and a lot of discussion with people to realize that it was completely delusional of me to believe that I could do porn and nobody would ever find out. So it was my own stupid fault for not thinking that people would find out. It's been a reality check, so I definitely regret positioning it as 'outed.' It should have been, I chose to do porn and I really like doing porn, so get used to it. So I think that that's something that I really positioned myself wrong and it's something I really said in a very wrong way."

What do you think? Is using "outed" and "outing" in her context wrong or part of the way the word has evolved?