August 23rd, 2014

The Dicks Of Disney

If you turn off Safe Search and make even a cursory attempt on Google you can find drawings of Disney princesses engaging in pretty much any sex act  you want. But Jezebel noticed something interesting - trying to find porn drawings of Disney princes is pretty hard.

So they got their staff artist to draw naked pics of every popular Disney prince. Link is NSFW if your work has a policy against cartoon dicks.

The reaction - people swarming their site accusing them of "objectification" and "misandry."

Give me a fucking break. Cartoon dicks are funny! And they are certainly less threatening/pornographic  than the drawings of Princess Jasmine getting sperm shot all over her ass and pussy. that I was able to find in roughly three seconds of Google searching. Seriously, even has an image captioned "Cinderella takes his long shlong in mouth and starts giving nice fellatio and titjob bringing him at cloud seven from it. But what is going to be the next in this Disney porn action?"

Side Note: It's weird. Most of the Disney princess porn I could find had the princesses engaged in cisgendered hetero or lesbian sex. But for some reason Jasmine as a pre-op transexual getting fucked up the ass is really popular. I wonder why Cinderella and Snow White don't get the same treatment?

In a world where nearly every popular female character is turned into a kinky slut machine having some Disney dick isn't going to hurt anyone and is an amusing attempt at balancing the scales.