August 17th, 2014

C-3PO Proves That Tech Progress Sucks In His Universe

Ever think about what C-3PO says about technological development in the Star Wars universe? Me neither until I had a couple drinks last night and was talking to Hedgehog about Star Wars.

My conclusion: For some reason they are completely unable to develop new technologies in any meaningful manner.

Think about it.

C-3PO was built by a six year old. Even if that six year old was the Steve Jobs or Bill Gates of his time you'd still think that some progress would happen beyond what a talented six year old could build.

C-3PO is still around in Episode III - even though that has to be at least 12 if not 15 years later. And he seems to be no less advanced than any other droid around.

Even weirder - in "A New Hope" he's not only still around, but other models of him are also wandering around - implying that he is still state of the art at a point at least 30 years after he was first built. And, he's clearly not something the Organa family just kept around for old time's sake - because Uncle Owen doesn't look at him like he's Colicovision. He's happy to buy him from the Jawas right off the bat.

Now we are told that he's also going to be in Episode VII, at which point he'll be - at minimum - a 60 year old piece of tech. Can you imagine any type of technology built by a six year old today in our universe that would still be reasonably functional and not a museum piece by 2074?