August 16th, 2014

On Escorts And Boyfriends

Many of my friends are escorts. And many of them like their jobs and the financial freedom it can provide them. And, I fully support their choice. Hell, I think being a $600 an hour escort is a lot less demeaning than washing toilets at Burger King for minimum wage. But what does freak me out is the way that their boyfriends often react to having  an escort girlfriend. Here are some examples that have pissed me the fuck off.

1. Deciding that this is your chance to quit your job and "get a band together." No, dude, your girlfriend shouldn't be fucking other dudes just to finance your adolescent fantasies. If you were meant to be a rock star you'd have figured it out by now.

2. Deciding that this is the time to quit your job and invest the money she's making on her back into get rich quick schemes. Nope. Shitty idea.

3. Freaking out if she breaks up with you and then telling her parents and friends that she is an escort. If you didn't have a problem with it when she was paying your rent you shouldn't have a problem when she isn't. Plus, nobody likes a rat.

4. Asking her if she had a good time on an escort date and getting pissed off if she liked the dude.

5. Getting pissed off when she's not in the mood to fuck you and screaming at her "If I had $600 I bet you'd be in the mood!"