August 13th, 2014

Can't Wait To See How This Plays Out

I don't think Gawker Media has done anything about this yet, but one of the bigger porn companies (with lots of experience dealing with trolls) has volunteered to make sure the Jezebel comments sessions remain troll free. And they don't even want to charge Gawker Media to do it. Here's part of a letter they sent to Jezebel about how they would help "eliminate sexually violent comments."

"On behalf of our company, which consistently services multiple digital devices and operating systems, would like to offer up the services of our IT team—free of charge—to work alongside your staff to eliminate the offensive content being posted on your site," Jardene wrote. "As a company that values its female employees, we were outraged to learn that Jezebel's reporters have been the subject of such malicious harassment.

"To give you some background, our site ( is the largest in our industry, and receives over 60 million unique visitors a month (ranked 74th by Alexa Internet rankings), which requires a crack team to keep our immense infrastructure up-and-running, while also maintaining a carefully moderated environment for each of the models that work on our site on a daily basis.

"If possible, I'd love to discuss how we can help protect the Jezebel website, and give you the necessary boost in resources to prevent similar occurrences in the future. I really appreciate your consideration, and am looking forward to hearing back from you soon."

They say Jezebel has not responded to them.

Link to NSFW article about it here.