August 10th, 2014

Lucy - A Review

Walking out of Lucy, by Luc Besson, my first thought was that it reminded me of another Besson film - La Femme Nikita. So much so that as soon as I got home Rome Girl and I downloaded it and watched it. And, whoa, memory is a weird thing because there are a lot more differences than similarities.

Anyway, if all you know of Lucy is from the trailers, all I can say is "the trailers lied to you." This, for me, is a good thing. Rather than being a trite sci-fi movie, Lucy is Besson once again going back to his roots in Le Grand Blue and meditating on what it means to be a person.

The first 20 minutes or so is way too arty, as though Besson wants to remind us that this is a French movie and not a Hollywood film. But once it dispenses with that we get a lot of interesting things to think about, a strong female lead and gangster shoot outs that Tarantino will be studying when he writes Kill Bill Part 3.

The final result is kinda what The Matrix could have been had it had writers who were thinking about bigger things than just making something look cool. Anything else I can say would be a spoiler.