August 1st, 2014

Appetite For Democracy - Review

When I saw Guns N Roses in concert in 1991 there was a feeling that the band might turn on each other and start beating each  other up on stage at any moment. Or that one of them would just keel over and die for an overdose. Or that the audience might riot. Or that Axl might attack the audience. You felt like anything could happen and it actually felt dangerous which was fun.

When I saw Guns N Roses in concert two years ago the band and the audience were all drunk as fuck. The band had two beer kegs on stage plus bottles of vodka and Jack Daniels by their mike stands. It was like being at the biggest house party ever. They were sloppy as all hell, but still super fun.

Which is why when I started watching their new live Blu-Ray "Appetite For Democracy" I was ready to be entertained. Boy was I disappointed. It was filmed during their month long Vegas run and this band is not one that is well served by the constrictions of what Vegas casinos want their acts to be like. No booze on stage. No weirdness. No real fuck ups. A bunch of completely pointless acrobats and strippers on stage. Axl actually trying to sing instead of just being a screaming madman.  It only gets good when they start the encores - at which point they are all sort of laughing and finally having a good time (which makes me suspect they did a lot of shots and cocaine before the encores.) They do an incredible version of "Night Train" at that point (by far the highlight of the disk), start cracking up during "Patience" and then nail "Paradise City." But those three fun performances in  no way, shape or form make up for them acting like a casino lounge act from the 50s for the two hours before they got their shit together and remembered that they are supposed to be screw ups.  

It Hurts!

At the end of spring my doctor decided that my back issues had healed enough where I could start doing exercise to diminish my beer belly as long as it is "no impact" exercise. At the same time my shrink suggested that going to the beach a couple times a week would be good for my brain.

So, since I like swimming that's become the non impact workout out of choice and every time I go to the ocean I've done four 30 minute sets of breast stroke. It has made me feel healthier and my beer belly has gotten smaller (though, weirdly, it's my face that looks the most thinner.)

Anyway, the other day I was surfing the net and came upon an article about a exercise you can do while in the water that is supposed to really help with beer bellies

The deal is you start out treading water from essentially a standing position. Then you slowly r raise your legs up until you are basically on your back with your toes sticking out of the water, then you slowly lower yourself to the virtual standing position.

I did this 20 times yesterday at the end of each breast stroke session (for a total of 80 times) and HOLY MOTHER OF EVERYLASTING FUCK DOES MY ENTIRE BODY FEEL LIKE IT IS IN A LEVEL OF PAIN LIKE I RAN A MARATHON YESTERDAY.

I guess that means the exercise does something. But, it's weird. It didn't seem that difficult at the time so I didn't think that it would make my body so, so fucking sore.