July 25th, 2014

By Gosh!

I feel like the gays of France this year are trying to disprove every cliche about them somehow having magically good taste in clothing.

For example, currently the fashion for about half the local gays in general - and for nearly all of the bears - is wearing OskKosh B'Gosh style overalls paired with straw fedoras.

I cannot think of anything that looks weirder on a grown man. Plus, it's a supper hot summer. It must be so fucking sweaty under those overalls.

Why is this happening?

Is this only in France or has this fashion statement started to infect the gay world as a whole?

Welcome To The Jungle

Lauren Hill shows up nearly an hour late for a concert and then gives the finger to and yells at the audience.

Finally, the hip-hop community knows what it's like to be a Guns N Roses fan.

If Axl only showed up 50 minutes late I'd consider it a win.