July 20th, 2014


My dad was grumbling yesterday that none of the shows he currently likes are on and he's looking for something new.

I asked him if he'd ever seen 24.

He said, "no."

So, he's going to get an early birthday present soon.

I've told him nothing about it except that it is the crack cocaine of television.

This feels sort of like when I game him an audiobook of a little novel called "A Game Of  Thrones."

I hope it blows his mind.


Jezebel reports that a woman shot her husband because he didn't shoot enough sperm when he came. This makes me think of a job I had a few years ago where I was writing ads for herbal pills promising a "bigger ejaculate load."

At the time I went with "She'll be impressed by how much you come!'

Little did I know that the more persuasive ad would have been "She won't kill you like a praying mantis after sex!"