July 5th, 2014

The Death Penalty

Often I feel like I'm a bad liberal because I support the death penalty. And sometimes I get shit for it. But, I always try to make clear that I don't support the death penalty the way it is used today. I don't think it should be mostly saved for addicts who fuck up liquor store robberies and who happen to be in the wrong state and also happen to not have enough money for a good lawyer.

I agree that it's an unfair system where if you are rich, white and live in a liberal state you probably won't get the needle while if you are poor, black and in Texas you are going to ride the lightning.

But simply because a system is misused doesn't mean the system should be completely thrown out. It means it should be changed to work in a somewhat fair way. And, the reason I support it is that some motherfuckers deserve to be put down. We do that to rabid dogs and I don't believe that people are really that much better or different than dogs.

Case in point - Justin Harris.

Here is a dude who not only put his toddler aged son in the backseat of a car in order to kill him, but has revealed himself to be a complete blot on the human race. Just think about some of the things that happened that day.

He Googled "How long for an animal to die in a car."

He Googled "How to survive in prison."

While his son was dying he was having sexual conversations and trading nude pics with six different women.

When he found out one of those women was 16 he googled "Age of consent Georgia."

He went back to the car four hours later and can be seen looking in the back seat - probably to make sure the kid was dead.

He was talking on childfree forums about how happy he was that he didn't have children.

When not sexting  he was visiting a sub-Reddit dedicated to showing videos of people dying in slow and painful ways.

All of this while his child lay dying an incredibly painful death just a few yards away.

(And P.S. a month before this went down he took out two life insurance policies on the kid.)

I don't know how anyone can read about this man and not think  that putting him to sleep is a good idea?  If anything I'd find it easier and more ethical to put him down than a rabid dog. It's not the dog's fault he bit the wrong animal.

The problem, of course, is that he may not get the death penalty because the system is fucked. Prosecutors have said they are still deciding whether to try for it or not. That can't possibly have anything to do with the dude being white and middle class, could it?

So, yeah, I'm for the death penalty because of shitstains like that - but damn, do I wish we could find a way so that it's only used on this type of creep and isn't just part of the legal system crap shoot.