June 9th, 2014



You can now get high while you get fucked.

This company has made sex lube infused with pot - designed to get you stoned during sex.

The company claims that weed is the first aphrodisiac in the world. I could see that this might have been true during the Middle Ages - but in an age of Dorrito's and Pink Floyd MP3's I think it might be somewhat counter productive.

Plus, aren't aphrodisiacs supposed to work before the sexy times start? By definition this is only going to work after something has penetrated the person enough to get the weed into the, uh.... pot.

Beyond that, in order to work well for both partners, I'm guessing condoms, dental dams and such would get in the way.

Still, it does seem to show there is no limit to human progress - as long as that progress leads to getting laid or getting high.