May 25th, 2014

Thoughts On The California Shootings

1. The guy has disproved the myth that women want to fuck complete and total assholes.

2. Escorts cost less than guns. So if you issue is being a 22 year old male virgin, there is a more economical solution than killing people.

3. In California you can't smoke anywhere, but buying guns and ammunition is apparently easy.

4. You know this has given Bret Easton Ellis an idea for a new novel.

5. This will shut up all the MRA people who say women don't live in a dangerous patriarchal violent society, right?

6. He posted that he wants men to live in a "world where women fear you!". Um.... you were living in the world, dude.

7. If I was a white guy living near L.A. who hated women, blacks and gays, instead of raging out on social networks, I'd just apply for a job with the LAPD.

8. The entire incel movement is bullshit.

9. At least he wasn't named "Bart."

10. This spoils Kayne's wedding for everyone.