May 20th, 2014


Jack Bauer locked in a room with eight armed marines outside ordered to kill him and we are supposed to think Jack is worried about those odds?

Douchecanoe Fan Fiction

The story about the dude who  demanded an open relationship and then was shocked when his girlfriend got much more dick than he got pussy is an erotiic novel waiting to happen.

The best scene will be when the boyfriend comes home and finds two 6'6 black guys banging his girlfriend and shudders as he realizes that he's hard as a rock despite himself.

"Her moans are more primal than any sounds he's ever heard from a woman before. For some reason he finds his eyes drawn to their dark skin contrasting with her pale flesh and their rippled muscles.pulsing against her feminine curves. He wants to stop it from happening but his hand moves to his pants, he unzips and starts to stroke himself in time to the coupling happening right before his eyes.

She takes her mouth off the cock of the man she's blowing and urges her boyfriend over. He feels like he's in a dream while he drops to his knees and takes the hard dick in his own mouth while watching his girlfriend get ravaged hard from behind. She softly strokes his hair and whispers "this is always what we both needed. You always knew it would be like this."