April 23rd, 2014


"Why do you think it is that you find things filled with anger like American Mary, The Garden Of Earthly Delights and The Dead Kennedys to be beautiful," my shrink asked.

"They seem to have more color," I responded.

"Now ask yourself why that Calvin cartoon made you cry," she responded.

Idea For Selling Movies And Television Shows

As I see it there are two main reasons why people don't like to buy movies and television shows online:

1. People like to purchase physical objects.

2. People don't want to risk losing what they bought due to DRM and/or the computer they've downloaded stuff to dying.

On the other hand the main advantages to buying movies and television online are:

1. Not having to worry about a shiny disk getting scratched.

2. Shiny disks take up a lot of space.

So, here's my idea to solve this:

Sell movies and television shows on flash drives. You'd get to have an actual object that you could carry around, stick in either your computer or your television, lend to friends, etc. You wouldn't have to worry about it scratching and skipping and it would take up a hell of a lot less space on your bookshelf.

I know one objection will be "but not every television has a USB port." But.... nobody had a DVD player before DVDs came out, but once people figured out that it was useful to have one they bought one. People also update their televisions all the time. And every DVD player and Blu-Ray player that comes  out now does have a USB and  you can get Blu-Ray players for like 50 euros here.  That's not that big an investment for people to make in order to have a better way to buy movies and television shows.