April 8th, 2014

Getting Fucked By The System

Lately on Facebook, I've been posting some interesting comments from some of my friends who work as escorts.

This lead to someone sending me a private message asking how I know so many "sketchy" people. The truth is I know very few sketchy people.

I do know roughly 25 women who work as escorts, but  none of them fit the traditional imagine of sketchy. They are all attractive college graduates from middle class backgrounds. None of them have drug problems. None of them have self esteem problems. Only one of them is a single mother.

What do they  all have in common - other than the obvious - is that they are all  having trouble finding above minimum wage jobs in this economy and they all have huge student loan payments due. And they have discovered that when it comes to making those payments and making rent and being able to eat in this economy becoming an escort is one of the only practical solutions they can find. Given the size of some of their student loans, even moving back home with their parents wouldn't help much.

So, then end up sucking the dicks of 60 year old dudes who have gamed the system in their favor - most of whom probably never needed student loans in the first place because when they went to college it was actually affordable.

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with being an escort. And I know that some women choose that lifestyle. And that's fine.

What isn't fine is that the system has created a situation where due to the economy and the student loan system many women are pushed into the sex industry when it's not what they want to do with their lives. They aren't rimming the vice president of the local cable company because they want to drive a super nice car. They are doing so because they want to be able to sleep indoors and put food on their table and not get sued by the student loan companies.

To me that seems very, very close to creating a slave/serf class.

It's certainly fucking the young women of this generation.