March 27th, 2014

How To Land A Man Or Woman

After helping Rome Girl with dozens and dozens of relationship advice books over the years, I now feel well informed enough to write about how to get a man or woman.

If you want to get a man:

Be crazy, but not too crazy. Find the right balance of crazy.

Pretend to be interested in other men, but don't make him think you are slutty.

Let him know you really like sex, but don't actually have sex with him for months. This will keep him properly confused.

Agree with everything he says in public, then, in private, contradict everything he says and change all of his opinions.

Act like you do all sorts of interesting things. Then, when he commits stop doing interesting things and dedicate all your activities to him.

Act dumber than him, but say all sorts of smart things to keep him interested.

If you want to get a woman:

Insult her.

Call rarely and act aloof.

Make her think you have a lot of money.

Wear weird clothes.

Always go out with a lot of male friends. Yet, when you are with her never mention any of them.

Play weird tricks on her like sneaking your number into her phone.

Act like you  have no sexual interest in her, but be sure to fuck her as soon as possible to build up her bonding hormones.