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March 6th, 2014

Programming Note

At the moment if you google "This post may be offensive" I'm either the first or second link that will pop up.

I have arrived.


True Detective Episode Eight Leaked

(AP) -- Copies of the season finale of the HBO crime drama True Detective have been leaked to online file sharing sites, the Associated Press has confirmed.

The episode wraps up the murder investigation of Dora Kelly Lang by detectives Rust Cohle and Marty Hart, but also contains some surprises along the way.

During a dramatic confrontation between Hart and Rev. Tuttle, the man also known as "The Yellow" king reveals that he is, in fact, the detective's father. Meanwhile, through a series of flashbacks the audience learns that Cohle had been kept frozen in a block of ice in Alaska during the eight year period he was missing from the Louisiana area. He was saved by Hart's wife who gained access to the Tuttle family ice hut by pretending to be a prostitute.

Despite much fan anticipation there are no supernatural scenes in the finale and the role of the "man with scars" is dismissed.

"People just saw him as evil because they could not see the existential goodness behind the only face he had to show the world," Cohle remarks. "Life moves in a never ending circle, just like the blades on the lawnmower he used to make our churches and schools project a temporary beauty that will be ignored by people who only see what the system has told them to see."

Reactions to the episode in the comments sections of file sharing sites hosting the episode were mixed.

"WTF? Y R There No Boobs, this is HBO!" said NOBAMAHATER666 on Kick Ass Torrents, while an EZTV user commented "After the episode finished I went insane."

Just Two More Days To Vote In Round Two Of Rock And Roll March Madness

We've got some very close races this week!



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