March 2nd, 2014

American Mary - The Real Best Picture

Tonight's the Oscars and as  usual my choice for Best Picture isn't nominated. In fact, you may not even  heard of it. That said, I really do believe American Mary is the best picture of the year.

Here we have a truly brave film. One that takes on many, many issues. It talks about the student  loan problem. It talks about rape culture. It talks about what women have to sacrifice in themselves simply to try to survive in the patriarchy. It talks about the objectification of women. It gets into the idea that patriarchal tropes exist because men are fundamentally terrified of women. It talks honestly about sexual harassment in school and in the work place.  Most importantly it does so in a way that doesn't lecture - it entertains while making you think.

Billed as a horror film, it's not. It's something beyond that. It goes to the heart of what it really means to take control of your own body and how doing so defines your destiny.

Most interesting of all is the protagonist. Are you on Mary's side and cheering her along? Or does she scare the shit out of you? Both interpretations make sense, and Mary herself won't care about your answer. All she cares about is the right to be herself and stand up to the patriarchy, no matter what and her fight to be an independent woman.

Is she crazy? Sure, but it's a crazy inflicted on her by the society she lives in. And, her reaction to it all is picture perfect. 

Social Life Cycle Of People Without Children

Age 19 to 25 - Yay! Party with your friends all the time! Freedom!

Age 25 to 30 - People in your social circle start getting married/having babies. Hang out less. Party a ton less. Boo!!

Age 30 to 35: Divorces start happening and the newly divorced seriously want to party. People's kids start going off to kindergarten and they have more free time and want to party. Yay! Party with friends all the time! Freedom!

Age 35 to 40: Your friends who still partied with you between 25 and 30 now get married/start having kids. Hang out less. Party a ton less. boo!

Age 40 - xxx: See age 30 to 35. On difference is that a fair percentage of the ones who had kids young will now have grandkids young, which will make you feel super old, but won't stop them from partying.