February 24th, 2014

True Detective

What's frustrating about this show is that I'm sure when we find out who the killer is it's going to be something incredibly obvious but I just can't figure out what.

The characters keep saying variations of "you don't wee what's right in front of your nose" or "you don't see what's important because you are distracted by what doesn't matter" - and that's clearly the writers telling the audience point blank that it's clear who did it.

Yet, I'm stumped.

(Though the most obvious answer is Cthulhu, I think that's too obvious and goes against the realism the show is striving for.)

(And, yes, I find it amazing that this show is so weird I have to actually explain why I don't think it's Cthulhu).

(The only wild guess I have is that I've noticed that every character on the show has dark hair except for Woody - who has bright yellow hair. But I don't think he's in control enough to have pulled it off)