February 15th, 2014

Rock And Roll March Madness - Nominations Round

Time to let the nominations begin! Many of you know how this works but for the new people here's the deal .

We start out with four divisions - Classic Rock, Alternative/Punk, Women In Rock and Metal. Each division starts out with 16 bands.

Every week bands are pitted against each other and the losers go away. So, week one we have 64 bands, week two we have 32 bands in competition, etc.....

Most of the bands are nominated by you by commenting on this post. If someone else has already nominated a band you can simply comment "seconded" or "thirded" or whatever number makes sense. You have nominate both the band and the division you want them in. This is important because strategic division selection can influence results.

The exception is the division champions from the previous year. They are always included and always seeded at #1 in their division. They are:

Classic Rock: The Rolling Stones

Alternative/Punk - Johnny Cash

Metal - Led Zep

Women In Rock - Joan Jett

For general information purposes - this is our fourth year of doing this. The previous winners are:

Year One - Joan Jett

Year Two - Queen

Year Three - Led Zep

Ask any questions you want in a comment on this post. Share this post with whoever you want. When the voting starts voting will be open to anyone with a Facebook account, Open ID or Live  Journal account.

Nominations will be accepted until whenever the fuck I wake up next Saturday.

Clicking the "March Madness" tag below will let you see how this has played out in the past.

Please try to be reasonable about your division choices and if your choice is odd, defend it. I will not put Rod Steward in Women In Rock despite the fact that it would amuse me. I let Johnny Cash in Alternative/Punk after multiple people made long, involved arguments that convinced me it was not unreasonable.

Do put some thought into divisional nominations. During the first two years Led Zep was nominated in Classic Rock and always did poorly. Then they were nominated in Metal and ran the table - which demonstrates why I request divisions unless it is obvious. I.e. if you  nominate something called 'Death By Loud Electric Shock" I'll assume Metal unless noted otherwise. On the other hand if you nominate Amanda Palmer and don't give me a division I won't know if you want her in Women In Rock or Alternative/Punk.

Let's get the nominations get started!