February 10th, 2014

Pet Peeve

I hate it that a lot of Young Adult Fiction isn't labeled as such. Particularly when it's by authors who  usually write normal fiction.

I got stuck with a Kathy Reichs YA novel last week. And last month picked up a Harlan Coban that turned out to be YA.

Then, on Saturday I picked up a thing called "The Farm" which is no, way shape or form indicates that it's YA, but it totally is.

Since the books cost nearly 11 euros each I'll read them, and I have nothing against YA as a genre, but when I go out to buy a book for grownups I want a fucking book for grownups.

Tech Help

Three year old Gateway computer running Windows 7.

For the past three days Internet goes on and off randomly.

Fan seems to be running all the time.

Blue circle thing indicating Firefox not responding pops up all the time.

When I type something in generally appears several seconds after I type it. (Often with blue circle thing happening at the same time.) (The lag on typing only happens online, not with Open Office.)

Sign of a dying laptop or something fixable?