February 7th, 2014

The Real Message Of The Sochi Olympics

People are acting all shocked over  how shitty and not put together the town of Sochi is for the Olympics. Sadly the message they are taking from it is "Stupid third world Russians can't do anything right."

The truth is, you know what Russia is - it's the free enterprise unregulated system the Randians and Objectivists are striving for. This is what happens why you let pure capitalism run wild without oversight.

And, it's what our towns and cities will look like if these people ever won.


Me: Trivia time - "Remember that store? It used to be a bookstore. Then it was a book and coffee store. Now it's just a coffee store. It's like evolution in reverse." Who said that?

Rome Girl: Jello Biafra.

Me: No. Anya when Buffy comes back to life.

Rome Girl: Shit.

Me: Anya and Jello are totally alike!