February 3rd, 2014

Horror Movies While On The Flu

Been going through the various Best Horror Movie Of 2013 lists while waiting to get over this stupid flu. Here's what I've watched so far and my general impressions.

Contracted - The best of the indie bunch. Great, original premise. Very scary and with a decent message about how people react to sexual assault.

American Mary - Also phenomenal.

Insidious - Had to watch this before I could watch Insidious 2. Awesome rethinking of a haunted house story. Very well done and very scary.

Insidious 2 - Not as good as the first one but still very, very clever.

Dark Touch - Also really good. Flips around the Carrie myth to make it an allegory about childhood abuse in rural Ireland.

Kiss of the Damned - Like 70s erotic horror and/or grind house films? Then you'll love this homage to them. Not into erotic horror, then not so much.

Resolution - Interesting in that it doesn't seem like a horror movie until the very end and then you realize what's happening and it's freaky as shit.

Stoker - I have nothing good to say about this film at all. And I think that there was really no point in having her masturbate about her uncle on screen for a full five minutes.

VHS2 - Complete garbage.

We Are What We Are - Completely and totally awesome.  Brutal, scary, in your face pure horror. Almost as good as Contracted.

You're Next - Generally very well done traditional horror movie - but I think the reveal came out too early in the film.

Black Rock - Billed as "Feminist horror" it's neither feminist nor a horror film.