January 31st, 2014

Flu Film Reviews

Got the flu which means that other than working I'm pretty much laying on the couch downloading movies and feeling super high from all the meds I'm taking.  Anyway, figured that I might as well review the impressions of films/TV shows from the point of view of being high on flu medication.

Stoker - What a boring piece of shit.

Dark Touch - Similar to Carrie (and better) except instead of teenage girls being shitty to the one girl you really shouldn't be shitty to, it's set in rural Ireland and the girl has been abused by her parents and has the ability to tell which other children have been abused by their parents. She can then cause Carrie like stuff to the abusive parents.

We Are What We Are - Slow moving but creepy horror movie about a very bad weekend in a rural community. Becomes true horror by the end which is completely terrifying. Interesting in that it ignores most  horror movie tropes.

True Detective. The new Game Of Thrones. A huge fuck you to the police procedurals on CBS. Nearly hallucinogenic in the way it is filmed and structured.

Machete Kills. Completely beautiful in the way it is awful. Incredibly fun and a great setup for the third film in the trilogy. Will almost make you have respect for Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson and Lady Ga Ga.

The Bling Ring.  Was better when it was a book called "Less Than Zero." Clearly a vehicle to help Emma Watson shed her Herminone Granger image. Still, lots of pretty people in it. The treatment of the major gay character is incredibly problematic, however, with every gay cliche possible, including him being obsessed with wearing shoes that look like ruby slippers.

Captain Phillips. The first decent Tom Hanks film in a long, long time. Lots of tension and very well written. Very claustrophobic toward the end. Theme of the movie seems to be "If you are stuck in a small life boat and a US air craft carrier tells you to surrender, it's a good idea to surrender.."

May update this post after I decide what to watch today.

Stoya Talking About How We Unlearn The Idea Of Consent

Stoya and a bunch of adult performers apparently sat down recently to talk about issues in the porn industry. They ended up talking about a whole lot more and realized that inside or outside or porn one of the most important problems is understanding boundaries and issues of consent.

One of the interesting things she notes are how we seem to grow up unlearning what we naturally know about boundaries and consent:

"Before you assume that inability to express limits is a porno problem, think about how many times you've heard a friend talk about not knowing how to say they're uncomfortable with something at work or during sex. Toddlers are generally fantastic at saying No. How do so many people lose their ability to say No to things between the terrible twos and adulthood?", she writes.

And she points out that outside of sites like Jezebel or similar sites there isn't a lot of discussion about the idea of boundaries and consent when it's obvious that a person is of an age to be dealing with these very issues.

"A person's first condom, strap-on, or lacy thong doesn't come with a pamphlet explaining active consent. Tampon companies don't print statements on the back of their boxes encouraging teenagers to express their desires and ask for the desires of their sexual partners. Someone should do something about this."


She then comes up with some really healthy advice/ground rules about consent and boundaries. Here's some of the more interesting ones.

"Ask the people you will be having sex with what their preferences and limits are. This fosters active consent and encourages communication."

"In order for a sexual partner to be able to give you what you want, you have to tell them what your desires are. A sexual partner can't respect your limits if you don't express them."

"If your partner(s) are drunk or high, their ability to consent is questionable. If they've previously expressed distaste for anal sex and are slurring "Fuck my asshole" you should politely decline and bring the subject up later when they're sober."

"If one of your sexual partners steps on to the jerk-to-full-on rapist scale, call them out on it. You have the right to end the sexual activity you are engaged in and to decline sexual activity with them in the future."