January 22nd, 2014

Bank Rant

I fucking hate withdrawal limits.

I have several thousand dollars in the bank and was planning on getting my hair cut today and getting some things at the grocery store I need before I go to Spain Friday.

But the landlady came today for the rent - which is fair enough since it's due the week after the 15th - but taking out the money for the rent means I've hit my daily withdrawal limit and my hair place only takes cash and the system to accept American cards at the grocery store is down - so now my two big errands for the day can't get done - even though I have a ton of money in the bank.


The Wicked Weed Conspiracy

I was hanging out with a girl today and she meant to roll herself a normal cigarette but because of an error ended up rolling herself a joint of the wicked weed.

She thought it was no big deal, so I had to clue her into the Wicked Weed Conspiracy, man.

Think about politics for a second. The GOP knows that they often lose because of states like California, Colorado and New York. And now Cali and Colo have legalized the wicked weed and New York is thinking of doing so.

This is a plot by the GOP because they know that once you toke the wicked weed  you'll eventually be shooting it in your veins and then stealing your grandmother's television.

And then you'll die.

So, clearly this is an attempt by the GOP to kill everyone who lives in California, Colorado and New York well before the 2016 elections. That way they can get a white man sitting in the Oval Office with a rifle sitting in his lap. Meanwhile, the TV industry, which has always supported the GOP, gets to sell more TVs every time one is stolen.

At the same time you should notice that the wicked weed states also allow gay marriage - which is telling, because it shows you that the GOP wants to lure the gays and lesbians to those states and then get them addicted to the wicked weed so that they will die and no grandmas will have televisions.

The lamestream media won't report on this - but you know it's true.

Be careful man, and don't let the weasel that is the wicked weed into your life.