January 19th, 2014

Ender's Game

Pirated the film last night because I remembered that the Internet Hive Mind decided the author is an asshole and we shouldn't pay money to see it.

It's a decent movie and isn't a waste of time. I find the basic premise interesting - though I thought Starship Troopers handled a similar idea in a more interesting way.

I do think the ending is complete bullshit. No army would ever let their greatest commander make that choice.

At the end of the day I sort of felt like it's a great movie for 14 year olds and as a children's movie works very well. It is, essentially, Narnia In Space and I feel like the Narnia people did a better job of making their film as accessible to adults as to children.

In Which Jezebel Becomes A Bigger Asshole Than Vogue

So, Lena Dunham gets featured in Vogue this month.

Jezebel then decides that she can't possibly look as pretty or in shape as she does in Vogue and that Vogue must have made her look more thin and pretty than she is.

So, Jezebel offers $10,000 for the original Vogue photos.

They get them and it turns out that the photos are mostly accurate.
At that point Jezebel turns around and bitches that Annie Leibovitz used Photoshop to put a pigeon into one of the photos in order to distract from the fact that they were just trying to fat shame Lena simply because she accomplished more than they have.